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Via Veneto, 142 - Villa carcina BS, Lombardia


Effebiesse | Zinco e leghe a Brescia

Specialists in zamak die-casting


Zamak Die Casting per Lavorazione dei metalli a Villa Carcina (BS)

A leading company in designing and manufacturing diecast technical items and accessories made of zamak, one of the most versatile zinc alloys.

as much-appreciated partners of the best taps and sanitary fittings dealers all over the world, we have been making use of our passion and experience since 1982 to manufacture innovative items with an exclusive design as well as top-quality finishes.

important international companies rely on effebiesse to manufacture a wide range of zamak accessories, such as lighting components, handles and components for household appliances, bathroom accessories, small zamak items and objects for furnishings, parts for household articles etc.

from the project to the finished product: we turn your ideas into successful solutions.

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