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Via Al Ponte Polcevera - Genova GE, Liguria


Ama Group | Carte di credito e di identificazione - Produzione a Genova

A leading Company committed to plastic cards manufacturing by using state of the art equipment and tools


Plastic Cards per Stampa a Genova (GE)

Amagroup, today, is capable of printing more than 150 million cards per year; this capacity is being improved by investing in new machineries and processes.
manufacturing through completely automated production lines is matched to personalization services performed in the same plant in which cards are produced.
amagroup organisation aims at being a “one stop” supplier; from card printing to packaging and delivering through personalisation, all process steps are carried out internally.

specialised, trans-national, forwarding companies, linked by long term relationships, assure on time and reliable deliveries.

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